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Already during the arrival to La Paz, you can see the heavily glaciered central range of the Condoriri group, appearing above the surrounding glaciers. In a form of wings the eastern and southern flanks sprawl a round and the highest paek seems to be the head of the Condor. In the western direction the Pico Austria is located, a mountain offering you a glorious wide view.

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Huayna Potosi

Almost symmetrically appears the snow covered summit-trio in the well known Zongo pass. No wonder, that the Huayna Potosi (6088m) is one of the most popular high summits of Bolivia. Who observes this dream mountain from Chacaltaya, can’t resist climbing up there. Within 2 dears we approach the ice covered summit-triangle, the ascend won’t be easy at all. First we have to overcome a very steep icy gap before the next barrier is waiting for us: a 45-50 degree steep icewall at a height of more than 5900 meters. A good climing knowledge and experiences with Ice Axe and Crampons should be present as well as a good physical fitness.

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The Illimani with its 6.439 meters, is the second highest mountain of Bolivia and the highest of the Cordillera Real. The mountain has 5 summits over the height of 6000 meters; the highest summit is the Pico Sur. According to the Indian legend, the mountain (Apu) Mururata has tried to outplay the Illimani concerning the height, where upon the Illimani enraged and cut of its snowy top. The legend states that since than the cut off top is located further in the western direction in form of the expired volcano Sajama.

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Condoriri Trekking

A marvelous trekking tour through one of the prettiest Andean regions of Bolivia

Above the mountain village Tuni we pass by the scenery of beautyfull lakes towards the base of the ice covered Condoriri group, one of the most beautiful and immense mountains of Bolivia’s mountain region.

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One of the prettiest volcano mountains worldwide is located right in the borderland between Chile and Bolivia. Directly next to it its twin Pomerape appears. This can be included if wished so, For the Parinacota we have to reckon with 2 days, including the arrival from La Paz. The ascend isn’t too demanding, however we shouldn’t neglect the altitude. When arriving at the border of the crater , we forget all our efforts, because the view is just amazing!

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