About Argentina


Argentina is the second biggest country in South America and the 8th biggest in the world. Just 14 inhabitants for quadra kilometer are not a so much so this giant country has just about 39,4 inhabitants. That’s third in South America behind brazil and Colombia.
The capital and most important economic center of Argentina is Buenos Aires, nearly the third part of all argentines live here, 11 to 15 Millions, nobody knows this exactly.
There are a few other important cities, like Cordoba, the second biggest city of the country with around 3,2 Millions. Also important are Salta and Jujuy in the north, Rosario, La Rioja, Bahia Blanca at the coast and Mendoza with  its permanent spring climate. In the southern part we have Bariloche, Neuquen and the most southern city of the world, Ushuaia.
The neighbor countries of Argentina are Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile, and of course the Atlantic Ozean. The longest border is with Chile, about 5300 km covered nearly completely by the Andean chain.
Argentina has a lot of diversity within the country, the dry north with a few of the worlds highest volcanoes like Pissis or Ojos de Salado. Also the long coastal area, the pampa with its wet fields or the strange Patagonian Andes are unique and fantastic. Argentina has the highest mountain of whole America, 6958m high Aconcagua and most difficult, Cerro Fitz Roy in Patagonia. There are a lot of alpine regions like in the lake district around Bariloche. Here you find skiing areas like in Europe. Argentina has all 4 seasons, like we know it from Europe, but the seasons are reverse. In the summer time the lake district is an excellent hiking area. Further south we find more winter, the Patagonian mountains are cold and heavily ice covered. The greatest in country ice field you can find near by the tourist centers Calafate and Chalten, the Perito Moreno glacier. Here we also can see the rock needles of Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy.
The central north is dominated by the Gran Chaco, hot and dry land without lots of people. In the east of this we can find the hills of the Provinz Misiones, their southern part includes the famous waterfalls of Iguazu in the frontier with Brazil and  Paraguay.
More southern, between the two rivers Rio Uruguay and Rio Paraña is located the wet Mesopotamia. This includes near by the coast the capital Buenos Aires.
Western and southern of the capital we find the pampas, here they grow wheat and have lots of green landscape for rising cattle. Between Pampas and Andes there are the small Cordilleras de Sierras Pampeanas.
Argentina is the most European country in south America, about 90% are from European ancestors. From they 36% have Italian ancestors, 26% from Spain and about 3-4% from Germany. The number of mestizen is for south American relations really low, perhaps about 10%. From the 30 Ethnics which lived in the country before the Spaniards came  you can see nearly nothing. Just about 1 to 1,5 Million Indians still live in the country. The biggest groups of them are Mapuche, Kollar, Wichi and Toba.

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