Summit and increases Peru

Summit Ampato - Peru

In autumn 1985 Ampato (6288 m) became famous when it was in the media because of its sensation causing locality. An American mountaineer and anthropologist, Johan Reinhard and the local mountain guide Mikey Zarate, discovered the corpse of a 500-600 year old girl that became about 14 years old. Later, he found two more victims, also children, at the former cult site. “Juanita” shows that the Inca reached altitudes of more than 6000 meters.

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Summit Chachani - Peru

Chachani (6075m) is the highest volcano in the area of Arequipa.

It is said that it is one oft he easier mountains with more than 6000 meters because it is mostly snow-free and only a short part must be overcome with crampons. Climbing is not necessary – but the ascend on slippery volcanic sand is quite exhausting.

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Summit Misti - Peru

Misti (5811m) is situated next to the city of Arequipa and has one of the most beautiful formed volcanoes of the Andes. Only seldom it is snow-covered and in most of the cases it is completely ice-free.

Once, it was not allowed climbing Misti without licensed guides and announcement at the tourists-police, today this is not necessary any more and we can climb up on our own.

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