Condoriri Cerro Austria

In front of the high summits of the Condoriri mountain range, Cerro Austria offers an impressive sight from a distance. For those who catch sight of it for the first time from Lake Tuni, it may be hard to believe that this at least 5328 meters tall rocky pyramid can be ascended on quite easy trails. Cerro Austria is also a good starting point for other mountain hikes in this region and it is often used for acclimatization tours to the more challenging ones, such as Pequenio Alpamayo or Condoriri itself.

As the starting point is already located at a rather high altitude, you only have to ascend 700 meters which will take about 3 hours. You continue over quite good trails, broad debris areas and green lands into a small saddle. Here you have a wide view to the gigantic ice areas underneath the Condoriri and the daunting icy wall of the A la Izquierda. You climb further up on a broad ridge. From up there, you will be overwhelmed by the gorgeous view: almost the entire Cordillera Real can be seen and on clear days even the Titicaca Lake.

Walking time: 7 - 8 hours, but also 2 day tours possible

Altitude difference: approx. 850 m

Starting point: Tuni or Palcoco

Dates: anytime, on request

Price: from 50 euros

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