About Thomas Wilken Tours

Thomas Wilken is a German Tour Operator and specialist in Trekking, Hiking, Climbing and Mountaineering.  Our agency is based in La Paz, Bolivia, so we are able to attend you directly from here. We mainly operate in Bolivia, but also in the other Andean countries Peru, Chile, Ecuador and soon in Argentine. Mostly we like to explore the non – touristic areas of the countries, like the Cordillera Apolobamba or Quimsa Cruz, but of course our programms also include the great Andean highlights like Machu Pichu, Titicaca Lake, Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Real, Huayna Potosi, Chachani, Chimborazo, Patagonia, Ojos de Salado or Cotopaxi.


Our program is not exactly fixed on a day. So we have plenty of room and can accommodate your individual needs. Between the fixed points time gaps are also incorporated. We use them to regenerate or for additional exploration. Also we have the chance to wait a day in case of bad conditions at bigger mountains, which are one of the highlights of the tour. We try to do the mountains in a fair and basically way, in order to make the trip not too expensive.

On Mountain

Thomas Wilken

One focus of our trips, of course, lies in the large mountain climbing goals. Included in nearly all tours is at least one mountain over 6000 meters. So our program is aimed primarily at experienced and above all enthusiastic mountaineer, but there are also easy mountains, which everyone in good physical condition can try. But some mountain climbing efforts an intense mountain experience. In any case, but a first-class condition. The training of our mountain guide is very good and extensive. We guarantee the highest safety standards, which also includes the equipment and material at the mountains. We work with local guides and staff because we want the money stay in the countries.


We engage local agencies, guides and other partners as much as possible, because we want the indigenous people to benefit indirectly. These countries are such a fantastic experience, so we would like to give something back to them. The local staffs are well prepared and do a reliable job.

Our englisch

We are sorry that our englisch is not perfekt, but we´re working on it. We decided not to translate this Homepage by a native speaker, because we don`t want to mediate a wrong image. We are from Germany, so the spoken english at our tripswon`t be perfect either.

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