Lakes and Mountains at the end of the World

During this hiking week full of experiences we climb up various easy mountains around Ushuaia like Cerro Roy, Cerro Esfinge or the Cañadon Negro in the Martial area. The most famous destinations are the Cerro Guanako in the Fuegian Andes National Park and the famous and nice colored Laguna Esmeraldas. We also offer an easy ascend with Crampons on the Martial Glacier and easy rock climbing in Monte Olivia. For both you don`t need any experience but good physical condition All these hikes offer fantastic views and impressive experiences in the unbelievable diversity of the Ushuaia Mountains.

Instead of the lots of tourists visiting the city itself the Ushuaia Mountains are nearly virgin and give a lot of space to breathe. They consist of dense mountain forests, swam lands, rocky mountain areas and not expected large glaciers. Ushuaia itself is normally the starting point for arctic excursiones, trips to Cape Horn and exploring the beagle Canal. Also the unexplored Isla Navarino and the gigantic Darwin Cordillere are easy to reach fron here. The prices rise from year to year because of the various attractions right here.

Dates and Prices


  • Length: 7 days
  • Dates on request
  • Price: on request


We offer

  • Bus and taxi transfers within the country
  • Organization of the mentioned tours including a local mountain guide
  • entrance fees
  • basic Hotel in Ushuaia


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  • Travel accident and health insurance
  • Travel luggage and Travel cancellation insurance
  • Not mentioned food and beverages
  • Tips
  • Personal Spending



  • Minimal: 2
  • Maximal:10

1. Day: Laguna Esmeraldas

We start with one of the most interesting and nice colored lake in the whole Island. The ascend is not too long, but he offers us spectacular views to the surrounding mountain rages and the forests. We cross dense mountain forest and wet highlands before reaching at the end of the beautiful highlands the incomparable lake. Who likes can climb up a small ridge with spectacular views over the lake and to the neighbored mountains, with the gigantic Cerro Alvear in the middle.

2. Day: Cerro Guanaco

The Cerro Guanako is one of the most famous mountains in the fuegian andes because he is located directly in the same named National park 20 km from Ushuaia. But he still is not really overcrowded and offers fantastic view over the beagle chanal and the Ushuaia Bay. Although he is a few meters below 1000 meters of altitude the mountain consist of wild rock formations and the ascend is really interesting. With a bit of luck an Andean fox is waiting for us at the top, like always searching for food. The park entrance can be easily reached be car passing healthy forests and a golf court.

3. Day: Cerro Esfinge

One of the most viewfull excursions around Ushuaia leads to Cerro Esfinge. Less than half an hour we need to Turbia, a small village in the mountain where our Tour starts. Here they get Turf out of the ground. We follow the small, marvelous river until a small wooden bridge leads us to the other side.            Now we cross dense mountain forests and later the path leads green highlands without vegetation. Here we can find the beautiful Laguna Escondido, the hidden lake. The by itself is an interesting destination, but we want to go higher up. Climbing up stony fields we reach an impressive ridge and  a bit later the summit of Cerro Esfinge. With a bit of luck we can meet a Condor or an eagle. We slide down over small, slidy stones.

4. Day: Boat trip on Beagle Canal, with Pinguin Colonie

Today we can rest a bit from hiking, but still we will have a great experience today. We will do a boat trip on the beagle canal within the great mountain ranges of fireland. Directly we pass the Darwin Cordillere and the Isla Navarino. Later we visit a colonie auf penguins and return to Ushuaia in the late afternoon.

5. Day: Cañadon Negro in the Martial Mountains

Today we not just climb up an interesting ridge mountain, we also do some practice on the ice of the martial glacier with crampons.
Luckily we can start directly from the city center an hike up to the skiing area. For sure we don´t follow the boring auto rail, we have the option to use a  signed path through the forest who explain a lot about the plants and animal of this region. The path end directly below the lift. A short part we use the pists for the ascend, later the forest ends and we find a small path going up. After the mountain we cross to the glacier where we meet a lot of tourists. But we escape fastly in order to practice a bit with Crampons and ice axe.

6. Day: Monte Olivia, easier Summit not the main Summit, Point 1231m

One of the most impressive mountains of this region is the Monte Olivia. From all parts of Ushuaia we can see his pregnant rocky face. Also during the arrival he gives a strong image. The ascend is not easy, although we just climb the 1231 meter smaller summit. The main summit of 1326 meters offers technical rock climbing and just for experienced climbers. You can do this with a local climbing guide. The ascend is not for rest we steeply climb up slidy rock fields and an extreme viewable ridge. But the views are fantastic, we see al the beagle canal, the city of Ushuaia and the turf fields below. Also we see all the greater mountains of fireland  and for sure the Laguna Esmeraldas.

7. Day: Cerro Roy

On the last day we start once again directly from the city center, but we have to make about 1200 meters of altitude. First we hike up well marked paths through the forest, later there are rocky highlands. We pass a beautiful mountain lake in order to reach an exposed saddle  of rocks. Here we follow the ridge , sometimes we will need the hands. The summit offers spectacular views all over fireland and Ushuaia. There is a lot of space, but there are never lots of climbers. It’s a fantastic possibility to think once again about this great mountain region and making plans to come back.


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