Huayna Potosi

Starting point: La Paz,
Almost symmetrically appears the snow covered summit-trio in the well known Zongo pass. No wonder, that the Huayna Potosi (6088m) is one of the most popular high summits of Bolivia. Who observes this dream mountain from Chacaltaya, can’t resist climbing up there. Within 2 dears we approach the ice covered summit-triangle, the ascend won’t be easy at all. First we have to overcome a very steep icy gap before the next barrier is waiting for us: a 45-50 degree steep icewall at a height of more than 5900 meters. A good climing knowledge and experiences with Ice Axe and Crampons should be present as well as a good physical fitness.

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Length: 2 days
Dates on request
Price: 200 Euro

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Tour overview

1. Day: High Camp

We head off early to drive via private vehicle up to the Zongo pass. We have already reached the Mont Blanc height, but there are still 600m height meters including heavy luggage waiting for us. Fortunately the trails are well arranged, so that we will soon arrive at our camp, where we will have a spare dinner. Although the night is rather cold, we will be in a very good mood, enjoying the terrific Andean panorama surrounding us.

2. Day: Climb to the top

The ascend to the top, now it’ getting serious, in the middle of the night our alarm clock rings. Directly in front of the tents we will apply our Crampons. After the exhausting ascend towards the summit, a steep passage (about 60 degrees) is waiting for us, that definitely demands experienced hikers. Fortunately, after 50 meters the area gets easier an we a re carrying on over a lightly sloped ice grout towards a summit ice-wall. This comprises 250 meters into the height and obviously is also rather steep. After a time we get rewarded with an overwhelming scenery panorama view above the Titicaca lake, La Paz and numerous summits of the Andes. If we are fast enough , we will even be able to observe the sunrise. However we cannot stay too long, as we have to climb down again before the ice begins to melt. After arranging our camp we carry on downwards until reaching the pass where a taxi will pick us up to bring us back to La Paz.

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