Condoriri Trekking

A marvelous trekking tour through one of the prettiest Andean regions of Bolivia

Above the mountain village Tuni we pass by the scenery of beautyfull lakes towards the base of the ice covered Condoriri group, one of the most beautiful and immense mountains of Bolivia’s mountain region.

Tour information

Dates and prices
Dates on request
Price: 350 Euro

We offer

• Bus and taxi transfers within the country
• All accommodations in simple hostels or camps
• Organization of the mentioned tours with a local mountain guide
• Meals during the tour days
• Packing animals

Not included

• Travel accident and health insurance
• Travel luggage and Travel cancellation insurance
• Not mentioned Food and beverages
• Tips
• Personal spending


Minimal: 2
Maximal: 10

Special requirements

A good physical fitness is desired and a huge advantage

Further information

We offer a wide range of options with other tour components that can be included with this tour

Tour description

1. Day: Laguna Khiar khota

We start off early from La Paz. Firstly on the main road to Copacabana, then we turn right into a valley, at the end there is a scenery village named Tuni. This is located directly next to the Tuni lake, which is used as water reservoir for La Paz. From here on we start our tour with the help of packing animals through a scenery valley towards our high camp. The trek takes us 3 hours and is mostly quite even. At the lake we build up our camp, excitingly near to the numerous icy giants of the Condoriri group.

2. Day: Cerro Austria

Although we can only observe the Cerro Austria from a distance, it offers a glorious view, it is really impressive. For those who see its 5300m high rocky pyramid for the first time, cannot believe that this mountain can be ascended on quite easy tracks. Besides, the mountain appears right at the bottom of the Condoriri group, from where from several mountains can be approached. For that reason it is often used as an acclimatization tour for other, more difficult destinations, like the Pequenio Alpamayo or the Condoriri. As our starting point is already located on a rather high area, we only have to manage 700 height meters more for the ascend. We carry on with quiet good tracks above broad debris areas and green lands into a small saddle. Here the view is open onto the gigantic ice areas underneath the Condoriri and the daunting icy wall of the Ala Izquierda. We climb up further up on the broad grout. Up high we are overwhelmed by the gorgeous views, almost the entire Cordillera Real can be seen from here. On clear days even the Titicaca lake joins the image. Tonight we will climb down again and sleep another time at the lake.

3. Day: Campamento Maria Lloco

Today we have to overcome a 5000meters high pass, eventually there is some time left to include the 5250 meter high Mirador. As we are already on 4600 meters, the ascend should be managed easily. We carry on through wonderful green mountain meadows, underneath wild rocky and icy summits of the Condoriri group towards our high camp. This is located underneath the mountain Maria Lloco, which is characterized by a small but very steep ice wall.

4. Day: Zongopass

Today we will conquer a very special mountain. The Huayna Potosi with its perfectly symmetric summit pyramid is part of the most popular mountains of the country. From every perspective he draws our special attention. Unfortunately it is not that easy ascendable, but who ever wants to can conquer it at the end of our tour. Today’s tour leads us around the mountain, to the starting point of the climb to the Zongo pass. Three hours later our taxi is waiting for us at this place. Then we will return to La Paz, back into the civilization.

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