Important for your journey

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What should be included in your baggage for South America

Important for your journey

First of all… most of the specific mountain hiking equipment like ice axe, sleeping bag or crampons can be rented from our local partners, this is included in the package. As those are only needed for the ascend to the real high mountains and are rather obstructive during the travel you should utilize this possibility. As you will need hiking shoes for the tours, it is the best idea to take along your own ones to avoid getting blisters on you feet.

Extremly important:

• Ice Axe
• Crampons
• Warm sleeping bag
• Sunglasses
• Sun cream with high sun protection factor
• Windproof and waterproof jacket (Goretex)
• Passport with maximal 6 months validity
• Hiking trousers
• Bump cap ( cap or rag)
• Day pack
• Flight ticket
• For jungle trips: vaccination card
• Toilet articles
• Soap


• Diarrhea medicaments
• Pain killers
• Eurocard/Mastercard
• Accredited copies of your passport
• Camera
• Fleece clothes
• Warm clothes
• If needed own medicaments
• Towel
• Swimming suit
• Laundry bag
• Flashlight/ Front light
• Penknife
• Toothbrush
• Sufficient camera material

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