Trekking in Southern Peru

Our tour starts in Lima from there we fly directly to the old inka capital Cusco. It`s an impressive flight with spectacular views over dense dschungle areas, snow covered mountains and wide land.
For shure we will visit the famous inka ruins around Cusco. Not only Machu Pichu, we also see Ollantaytambo and Saqusayhuaman. Cusco itself is also a place to stay.
We continue to the famous titicaca lake where we hosted in Puno. From here we take a boot to visit the unique flooting islands and later thmore original island of Amantani. Here we spend the night with a family bevor we go on to Taquile, the island of the stricking men. Extremly blue are the colours of the Lake.
From Puno we go on to Arequipa, the white City with its realy nice colonial arquitecture. From here we take a bus to one of the deepest canyons in the world, the Colca. We start with a  shorter hike from Chivay, later we cross the Canyon in form of a trek. Here we have exellent chances to see a Condor.
The highest point of the trip without any doubt is the 6075 meter high Volcano Chachcani.


  • Lima
  • Cusco
  • Machu Pichu
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Saqsayhuaman
  • Ollantaytambo
  • Puno
  • Amantani
  • Urus
  • Taquile
  • Arequipa
  • Colca Canyon
  • Colca Trek
  • Chachani

Dates and prices

  • Travel time: 19 days
  • Price: 1.345 Euro
  • 3. bis 21. Oktober 2009     Preis: 1.395 Euro
  • 1. bis 19. März 2009           Preis: 1.395 Euro

Our services


  • Transfer from the airport
  • Journeys through the country with busses and taxis
  • Accommodation in simple hotels or tents
  • Mountain tours inclusive organization, tour guide and leased equipment
  • Entrance fee national park
  • Travel guide on location
  • Guided mountain tours
  • Food during the guided tours
  • Mountain guide for the high mountains


Not included services

  • Accident and health insurance
  • Tourist floater and travel cancellation insurance
  • Not advertised meals and drinks
  • Tips
  • Cost for personal requirements

Number of participants

  • Minimum: 2
  • High: 6

Tour overview

1 Day of travel: Arrival in Lima


The airport of arrival and departure is Lima, with meanwhile 11 million inhabitants one of the biggest cities in South America. After picking up at the airport, we move into the hotel firstly and thereafter it is advised to take a rest, but who wants to can look around in the city yet. A dinner in a simple restaurant of Lima, characteristic for the country, defines the end of the day.

2 Day of travel: Flight to Cusco

Early in the morning starts our flight to Cusco today. That will offer the best chances to see a lot of the incredible Mountain chains surrounding Cusco. Later we have a bit time to rest and to walk around to see a few of the numerous architectonic highlights of the former Inka capital.

3 Day of travel: Ollantaytambo

From Cusco we take a local bus to the town of Ollanta. Here we will visit the famous ruins called Ollantaytambo. Later we start hiking up the temple mountain to reach a grandiose viewpoint on a hilltop. WE continue to a round through the field of the Ollanta valley. In the evening we take our train to Aguas Calientes where we spend the night.

4 Day of travel: Machu Pichu

For shure one of the absolute highlights of this tour. Early in the morning we leave Aguas Calientes by feet and hike along the urubamba river. After a bridge we get on the right side an ancient stony inca path, leading up to the ruins. Sometimes we have to cross the bus road, but this way is still quit and full of passion. In the ruin complex itself we walk up to the viewpoint first. Here you can see the whole complex of Machu Pichu from above. With arriving the masses we hide to another hidden path in mountain forest. Stony stairs lead us to Machu Pichu mountain, 3100 m where we have an incredible overview for the whole region. We have views down to the railroad and the ruins, and we see the steep stony walls of the neighbourt mountains, with their interesting vegetation.

Later we make the round in the ruins like a guidet tour and return to Aguas Calientes. We spend one more night there.

5 Day of travel: Saqsayhuaman

Very early we have to take our return train to Ollanta today, there is no other possibility. From Ollanta we continue to Cusco by bus. No we have time to visit the also famous ruins of Saqsayhuaman directly over the City of Cusco. We spend the night in Cusco.

6 Day of travel: Drive to Puno

Today we spend a graet part of the day in a panoramic bus. About 6 hours will take our trip to Puno. We crossing interesting mountain chains, green fields, and original little towns. In the end we will have the first view to the famous Titicaca lake. The rest of the day we spend visiting the city of Puno or sleeping.

Day of travel: Urus and Amantani

Leave at 08:30 to UROS ISLANDS which is located to the CAPACHICA peninsula in the PUNO OR CHUCUITO bay. The way to access to this island is by boat or by oars and motor (boats, motorboat etc). Then visit to the AMANTANI ISLAND which is located in the big lake in front of CAPACHICA peninsula to the north of TAQUILE at 37 Km. from PUNO harbor the way to access to this islands is by motorboats, and by oars. Finally you will spend the night in a family house.

Day of travel: Taquile

Leave to TAQUILE ISLAND which is located in the BIGLAKE crossing CHUCUITOS and CAPACHICA peninsula, it is at 37Km of the harbor. TAQUILE ISLAND is at 3825 m.s.nm. and it has a 12 Km2 diameter and the lizard figure. The return will be at 04:30 pm.

9 Day of travel: Busdrive to Arequipa

Another day in the bus, but this time we are crossing one of the prettiest Andean streets of Peru. We will see gigantic volcans like the perfect formed Misti, the long ridge of Chachani and the ice covered Ampato. Also we move through typical altiplano landscape with llamas, mountain. and some bushes. Some lakes giving a bit diversity. In the end we reach Arequipa, the white city, with its white pompoes colonial buildings and a really fine climatic situation. But right before the city there are green fields with lots of water and animals. We spend the night in Arequipa.

10 Day of travel: Chivay

Today we have to leave Arequipa early, at 6 in the morning to catch a bus to Chivay. We arrive at 9 to 10 in the morning and firstly we do the check in, in our hotel. Then we start a nice hike, fdirectly from the hotel. We will see green fields, animals, and later a beautiful gsmall gorge and pretty valley. From here we we climb up a small mountain of about 4100 meters altitude. Perhaps we can go higher, depending on the condicion and the climate. We return to Chivay for spending the night there.

11 Day of travel : Arequipa – Cabanaconde – San Juan De Chuccho

We leave from Chivay at 7:00am. We take another local bus for 90 minutes to the Cruz del Condor.  Here it is usually possible to witness the flight of condors, as they rise on the thermals out of the canyon around 9:00 am. We hope to arrive at Cabanaconde near the edge of the canyon at 1:00 pm, in time for lunch.  We start trekking down into the canyon, and after about three hours cross the river at the bottom to arrive in the village of  San Juan de Chuccho, where we will overnight in the Hotel.

12 Day of travel : San Juan De Chuccho - Oasis

After a relaxing night and sumptuous breakfast, we continue along the other side of the canyon, passing through the picturesque villages of Coshñirgua and Malata, before descending to the lowest point of the canyon, the Oasis.  Arriving here around 1:00 pm, we have the chance to spend a relaxing afternoon by the pool and rest in bamboo bungalows.

13 Day of travel: Oasis – Chivay - Arequipa

Around 6:00 am the following morning we get up and start the climb up the canyon, by torch and starlight (such a climb is fiercely hot by day). Those who are feeling very tired have the option of making the ascent by mule.   Breakfast of pancakes with jam or scrambled eggs at the Valle de Fuego hostel tastes delicious after the walk. We catch the bus again and stop in Chivay for lunch and the opportunity for a relaxing 20-minute dip in the hot pools there.  Arrival back in Arequipa is between 4:00 and 6:00 pm.

14 Day of travel: Rest Day in Arequipa

Today we have time to look around in the white City and to rest from the hard trek. Also we have to prepare our staff for the Chachani ascend.

15 Day of travel: Arequipa – Chachani Base Camp

After the breakfast in the Hotel, we will leave from Arequipa around 8:00am, we will drive in a private bus to Chachani, passing by the areas of Cabreiras, Pampa Cañahuas, the National reserve of Aguada Blanca if we are lucky we ill watch the Vicuñas in their natural habitat, around the 10:00am we will stay in the back side of the Chachani Volcano at (4200m), at 11:00am we will start hiking by the east side route until the Base camp at (5200m), in a few minutes we will arrive the Chachani volcano's back in the north side having a wonderful views of the National Reserve of the pampa Aguada Blanca and the Pampa Cañahuas, around 1:00pm lunch and prepare materials in the afternoon, briefing by our Mountain guide, then dinner and rest camping at (5200m).

16 Day of travel: Base camp Chachani – Climb up to Chachani (6075m) – Arequipa

After the breakfast in the Base Camp we will start climbing up around 2:00am, this climbing is quite harder and it will take us approximately 5 hours aproximately. With slight equipment, we will take the pick chachani for the col by the base of Coronado pick, then we will walk towards the front side and we will have views of Arequipa, then continue through the Angel and Fatima hill, we will take arrest at (5800m), then continue the last steeps to the summit (6075m) will get the summit around 11am aprox; then after to enjoy the nice views from the summit we will come back to the camp site by the same route and have lunch around 1pm, then return to the trail head around 4:00pm where our private bus will be waiting for us to transport to Arequipa. Arriving to Arequipa around 6:00pm.

17 Day of travel: Flying Home

Unfortunately, the tour comes to an end today. The only remaining point on the program is the return flight to lima. So we fly again over the grand Andes mountain chain, directly past the high volcans. This is the best time to think of new plans to climb mountains. From Lima you can fly right back home or stay one more night in the Capital.

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